When to Walk Away From a Sexless Marriage – Some Tips to Help With the Decision

When to walk away from a sexless marriage? For both men and women it can be a very difficult question to answer. Sometimes it’s not just sex, but also things like affection, love, intimacy, being comfortable with the person, feeling you have time for each other and the time you have. These things are often taken for granted, but when the pain of a sexless marriage is felt by the man it can sometimes be too much to bear.

If a sexless marriage is driving a lot of emotions then there are lots of things you can do about it. The first thing to do is take some time out from the relationship and reflect on your priorities. Is it your love for your wife that you are missing?

By walking away from the sexless marriage your relationship with your wife will become stronger. You will regain the feeling of a strong marriage and improve it, which was there before the marriage started. Also you will be able to enjoy the sexual experiences you used to have.

Now, normally after a marriage has been on for a few years, this is the time when the couple’s relationship is on its normal sexless level. This does not mean that you can not add some spice and experience some pleasurable moments and experiences. It just means that you are used to seeing these activities from time to time.

When to walk away from a sexless marriage also depends on how you perceive the relationship. Are you happy living in the home with the person or do you feel lonely in a new home. Often people have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations during their marriage and yet they are still happy in the marriage.

The next issue to deal with is the financial aspect of walking away from a sexless marriage. In such a situation you can no longer afford the honeymoon life and even the stay at a hotel is not a luxury, it’s a necessity to get the support and financial assistance you need.

As for leaving a sexless marriage completely you should always remember to keep an open mind. If your spouse is willing to talk, listen and understand then you should use your head and do what you feel is right.

Sexually mature people are the ones who get married for the sake of their marriage. They understand what it takes to build a stronger and happy family and they don’t want to see it break up. However, these are not the ones who end up with a sexless marriage.

As long as you feel you have strong emotional ties and the person you married was willing to talk and support you, then you should never think about walking away from a sexless marriage. Of course, if your spouse is willing to be honest with you then you can always talk about anything in your heart.

There are also some cases where a couple who is walking away from a sexless marriage can do so by their own choice. As long as both parties are completely honest with each other then the marriage will eventually end. If your partner is willing to be there and help then you might just walk away from a sexless marriage.

What really matters is that when you decide to walk away from a sexless marriage you should not do it for emotional reasons. Talk with your partner and find out what their feelings are. Then make the best decision for both you and your partner.